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What is Pharmacovigilance?

The term includes monitoring of medicinal products which are used for the prophylaxis, diagnosis or treatment of diseases in the period following its approval. The goal is to discover the adverse effects to assess and understand in order to take appropriate measures to minimize risks. Systematic pharmacovigilance can weigh benefits and harms, and make comparisons between different treatments.

Who has to report?

According drug law and Pharmakovigilanzverordnung 2006 are members of the professions doctors, dentists, veterinarians, dentists, midwives, pharmacists, druggists and tradespeople which are authorized to manufacture medicinal products or for wholesale of pharmaceuticals in accordance with the Commercial Code of 1994 and approval of owner Arzneispezialiäten obliged / to report side effects to the Federal Office for safety in Health Care (BASG) AGES medicine market supervision.

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